Where I am…

Preface I hesitate to make this public because it can drastically change the way people interact with me. I write this not to get any pity or to even make others understand. I write this for those who have felt the same. I write this because it has weighed on my heart to share. So... Continue Reading →


You shine: we shine: Your radiant Son shines. May we reflect Your glorious light. May You always be our delight. May Your wondrous face shine upon us. May Your merciful grace dwell daily within us. May we remember your story when darkness surrounds. May You be our strength where our weakness abounds. Remind us that... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for Protection

May I cut through the darkness with your word, and block flaming arrows with hope and resolve. May passion for obedience guard my chest; that my heart might beat for you; that my lungs might breathe for you. May your gospel bring clarity and soundness of mind, defending my thoughts from attacks from inside; that... Continue Reading →

Conversations with Grief

I was up late last night having a conversation with Grief, Reality, Empathy, and Hope in the dark. Grief tended to dominate the conversation and Hope fought to get a word in. Grief sat like a giant in the room. His words fell out of his mouth like lead weights crushing the floor beneath him. Grief told... Continue Reading →

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